So long to my son

More than anything, I wanted to get something in here so I wouldn’t forget when my son went off to Air Force basic training.  Today is that day.  I must admit that I’ve been pretty depressed about the impending departure of my son.  I’m really going to miss him – he’s been so fun to have around this last month.  He really started to mature rapidly once he got that job at Michaels.  As of yesterday, he quit that job because this evening, he leaves for the Air Force.  Right before he leaves, we’ll cut his gorgeous, long hair to donate to locks of love (no sense in having the Air Force simply throw away two years’ worth of growth!), and then send him off to a hotel so he can leave early next morning for San Antonio.  From that point on, we won’t see him until he graduates in late January.  We also won’t be in contact with him because the Air Force will take away his phone.

This may be the end of blogging for a while?

Hi,  you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while.  Frankly, I have gotten too busy with this full-time employment thing.  The life of a teacher is not one of leisure.  Also, I now have these classes through December, so I’m trying to figure out how to complete a whole semester’s worth of materials.  In theory, the other teacher comes back in January (and we are to overlap for a day).   The English department is not too sure he’ll come back.  Me, I don’t care either way — I would love to teach this class for the rest of the year because I love the students and the staff and the classes, but I could also do with some rest.  I guess we’ll see where this goes.