First Day of School

I spent my Saturday doing Kyrgyzstan training and curriculum for half the day; the other half was creating curriculum for three Social Studies classes (World History, U.S. History & American Government). This week, much of the teaching is common to all three classes because it’s all about rules and procedures.

On Sunday, I cleaned up the rest of the “construction” in my room and set up the technology and tested it. While I was there, one of the vice principals stopped in with a table for me. She was surprised that I was there, but I’ve pretty much lived in this classroom for the better part of a week now. When I got home, I made a “quick” powerpoint for tomorrow’s class. This powerpoint took me three hours to do, so it was near bedtime when I finished. Again, I was completely exhausted. I’m going to have to do less if I’m going to survive this teaching thing. Based on last years’ experience, I can – after a month or so, I’ll be in a routine that works.

Today was the first day of school. It went well enough, but I have maybe three classes that could give me trouble, and two classes that probably won’t. In almost every class I had some former student of some type. It was good to see them all again. All day, I kept running into freshmen from my wife’s school who were excited to see me on campus. All in all, it was a good day. I only got through half of my powerpoint today, which means I can coast a little this evening. I’ll simply show the second half tomorrow. My voice is also almost completely gone. I talked too much and I’m not used to that. I’ll have to talk less tomorrow.