Exhausted… and now sick

I spent all last week just trying to keep up with my presentations. It was a challenge, and I put in at least 13 hours a day every day last week. The thing is, up until Saturday, I didn’t really present much in the realm of Social Studies, and much of what I did present was common to all classes. As of now, I’m doing three separate curricula EVERY DAY. It’s like taking a full load in college. Over the weekend, I also caught a cold, so now I’m exhausted and sick. I just can’t keep this pace up – I need help. I’m going to have to greatly reduce my own expectations or I’m going to have to get more support from other teachers, and probably both. Over the weekend, I was able to block out my entire week for all three classes, but I only have prepared powerpoints for two days. Since I’m sick, I decided to lean on videos to do some of the teaching. Fortunately, Barb and I were able to make copies of all the printed material for the week (two reams!) over the weekend.

Today went well… mostly. My first two periods have some students who are beginning to cause me trouble. I almost wrote one person up today, and that’s a rare occurrence for me. After second period though, the classes were great, and I was able to find materials for two of my three classes in a hidden space during lunch. Yeah! During my prep, I created most of a lesson for one of my classes, so at least for that class, I’m close to being ready for Wednesday. The other two classes are good ‘til Tuesday, and so Tuesday night is going to be busy.