Things are looking up!

I’m not back to writing daily, but I really should because so much happens from day-to-day now that I’m teaching every day.

Sunday went fine with class – I even got compliments.  Jeffrey had a nice 18th birthday.  We went to Red Lobster’s for dinner.

Monday was a nice day.  All the prep I had done last week really paid off.  I’m now a week ahead, including the photocopying of stuff.  Truthfully, I can coast a little this week.

Today started bad, but got better.  My second period class told me that they hated the class (Freshmen English) and that they had been talking to the sixth period class (also Freshmen English) and they also hate the class and they think I’m mean.  Ouch.  Well, I’m trying, but the stuff I’m doing in English is very unexciting right now because I only have handouts.  Also, the previous teacher didn’t have many expectations for the class, and neither did the kids, so this sudden flurry of work and accountability has really stressed them out.  As a result, I tried to make the day a little “lighter,” but there’s only so much you can do with a writing assignment.

At lunch, I lamented to the department head how it sucks to be the mean guy who makes the students accountable for work they should have been doing all along.  She said that she appreciated the work that I was doing and that the kids were already better off.  In time, they may even thank me for actually teaching them something.  I felt better.  When I got out of the lunchroom to make the long trek back to my classroom, I ran into one of my favorite students from last year.  She absolutely beamed when she saw me.  She was having lunch with one of my sixth period students.   We talked for 10 minutes or so.  As I was leaving, I overheard her telling her friend that I was her absolute favorite teacher in the world and that her friend was really lucky to have me as her teacher.  That felt good too.  As I walked along, I ran into maybe 10 students whom I had taught last year.  They were all very happy to see me.  Strange, it has been a week now, and this is the first day that this has happened.  I saw it as God blessing me and reminding me that he put me here in the first place for a reason.  I felt happy and blessed.  The last two periods went just fine, and sixth period even seemed to enjoy the class.  Things are looking up!