But wait — there’s more!

After two weeks of waiting, I sort of figured out that I didn’t get the full-time job, so I emailed the principal to see what I needed to do for the long-term sub job. When she found out that I had not received a phone call, she was quite apologetic – personnel had dropped the ball. We had a nice conversation and I think I’m in good shape for next week’s teacher prep week. There is still a possibility that I can become full-time before this first semester is over (actually a couple of possibilities), so even though I haven’t gotten any of the positions in this district so far (four and counting), it appears that my future is not entirely grim. I sure could use the money though … but I also know that God will provide, and I’m cool with that. It’s all going to work out and I’m going to be in just the best possible position soon enough – I just know it!

Also, this weekend was initial sign-ups for “Footsteps of Paul” and I was delighted to find that more people were signing up than I had anticipated. I still need a lot more people, but things are looking up!