Hitting the ground running

It’s been a few days and a weekend since we have returned from vacation. I’m still waking up at 4:40 in the morning every morning, but I finally stayed up past 11PM last night and stayed in bed past 6AM this morning. I’m getting back to normal.

My wife and I sure hit the ground running upon our return. I made a list of everything I needed to do now that I was back and it was over 20 line items. For Barbara, it was about the same. I think I knocked out 10 items on the first day and I’m now down to four items. It feels good to get stuff done.

Both of us were wondering what our weight might be like after a month of eating well, but also walking long distances most day. Barbara gained three pounds. I didn’t gain or lose a thing! I was hoping for five pounds at least.

One of the big recent things that has happened is that our pastor and family are now, suddenly, going to Kyrgyzstan on a mission trip. This means, as trainer and travel arranger, that I have to get a lot of things done in a hurry – they’re leaving in six weeks. I’d sure like to go with them, but with a job (suddenly), it would take a miracle for me to go. Our first training meeting is this Wednesday.

Speaking of “job,” since I have been back, I have met the new principal (very nice person!) and she paired me up with the teacher who succeeded me last year on my long-term assignment. Things were looking up, and then I talked to the other teacher this morning: he said that things were about to change and that we should talk after I had talked to the principal, who would be calling me sometime today. I thought that this might be a good thing, but then I saw an open position appear on the teacher job site. This could still be good. I applied just to get my name in the hat. My wife then reminded me that there is still another person in the district who is looking for a social studies position at the high school. If the person who I am replacing long-term, due to maternity, decides not to come back, the district person could get my job and I’d be out. This made me, temporarily, depressed because I thought that the odds of this happening were pretty high. Well, I was wrong. At 5PM, the principal called to tell me that another social studies teacher had resigned and so a new spot had opened up. She wanted me to apply so I could be in the interview mix next week. She was pleased to hear that I had already applied. Hopefully, I’ll get that job next week so I can get real wages. But even if I don’t get the full-time job, I still have this long-term assignment as a backup and it too could become a permanent assignment. God is good.