4th at Mindy’s house

Yeah, 4th of July! Our original plan was to see the fireworks in DC tonight, but today also turned out to be the only day we could go to my sister Mindy’s house, so that’s what we did.

It was raining today. It was scheduled to rain all day, which is why DC decided to have a fireworks display last night, just in case it got rained-out today. Had we known this, we would have stayed in DC later yesterday. Anyway, we made it to Mindy’s house and I guess we were a little early because they were still busily cleaning. From what I understand, Mindy remembered that I had pet and dust allergies only this morning, so she had Mike and assorted kids clean the house while she cooked. I was not allowed into the house because there was pet dander and dust in the air as a result of the cleaning activity. Eventually, I snuck down into the basement where the pets weren’t allowed and I was just fine there. I watched world cup soccer and as soon as Mike was done upstairs, he spent some time with me. The dinner was great as always at Mindy’s house. The most memorable dish was the jalapeno poppers, but only because these jalapenos were so hot and I was the only one who could eat them. Everyone else had to be satisfied with juicy pork steaks, chicken wings and potato salad. For our evening entertainment, we watched “Pompeii.” It was fun but predictable. On our way home, it was cloudy and dark, but not raining. There were very few lights on the local roads so driving was pretty hazardous. By the time we got back to the DC area, the fireworks were in full-swing. We may not have been in the Capitol to see the fireworks, but we can say that we saw them… albeit from an extreme distance.